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22/02/2018 - Corporate News
Harmony of color in an interior!
Emphasize unique design of the kitchen with the NORD refrigerator or freezer in silvery color. The special color of paint creating effect of "stainless steel" well is combined with metal surfaces and will ideally fit into any interior. Besides after touch there is no fingerprints left. NO
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21/12/2017 - Corporate News
NORD B 180 NF refrigerator: high-quality freezing without ice!
NORD announces the start of sales of a two-compartment refrigerator NORD B 180 NF. The novelty is made in the popular proportion of the proportions of the upper refrigerating and lower freezing compartments - 4/3. The optimum balance for those who plan to use daily the refrigerator and also apprecia
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12/12/2017 - Support
Care of the refrigerator
In each refrigeration device, regardless of the defrosting system, it is recommended to conduct an internal wet cleaning monthly. Such cleaning will help you get rid of the unpleasant odors that inevitably appear in any refrigerator. The refrigerator is washed with a solution of baking soda, or dete
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23/11/2017 - Online shop
Black Friday on NORD.ua
The action works from November 24 to November 27, 2017 in online store www.nord.ua. During the validity period of the action, buyers have the right to receive a discount of 300 UAH. on any goods when ordering through the site www.nord.ua. The size of a discount will be available in "Cart" after
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07/11/2017 - Corporate News
Autumn novelties - NORD B 188 (W/S) refrigerators and B 239 (W/S)!
NORD announces the start of sales of NORD B 188 (W / S) and B 239 (W / S) refrigerators. Externally refrigerators are executed in strict direct forms of the design NORD Cold freshness line. Handles on the doors are built-in and ergonomic. Execution in white or silvery color. The two-chamber refri
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24/10/2017 - Support
The correct storage of products in the refrigerator
In case of placement of products in refrigerating and freezing cameras it is necessary to follow the following rules: • Cool hot products before loading to indoor temperature. • For preventing of transmission of a smell from one product to another, drying of products, increase in humidity in t
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13/10/2017 - Corporate News
NORD reports about start of sales of a new model range of chest-freezers INTER
INTER brand presents to the Ukrainian market of 6 new models of chest-freezers: L 60, L 100, L 150, L 200, L 250 and L 300. External execution of chests in white color. In front of the case the control panel with the mechanical regulator on 6 temperature conditions and light indicators is install
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11/10/2017 - Support
How to reduce the energy consumption of the refrigerator
• Try to hold as little as possible refrigerator doors open.  • Do not overload it: air shall circulate freely on all refrigerator • Do not place too warm or hot products in the refrigerator. Beforehand they need to be cooled.  • Provide sufficient distance from refrigerator walls to ot
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25/09/2017 - Online shop
Stock "Free shipping"! The best conditions the last 6 days!
From now on until the end of the action sending orders to clients of official online store NORD.ua is carried out FREE OF CHARGE by any carrier ("New mail", Deliveri, Mist-Express). Only from August 08 to September 30 we will FREE OF CHARGE get to you home any goods from the section "Cut-price Equip
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11/09/2017 - Corporate News
Refrigerator NORD B 185 NF (W / S): Hybrid technologies are the best storage
The new two-chamber refrigerator NORD B 185 NF (W/S) will create ideal conditions for storage of products. In I am mute the combined cooling system and freezing of the refrigerator - Optimal Frost Free is used. In the refrigerator the natural humidity and freshness thanks to the cooling system of "d
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