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Founded in Donetsk (Ukraine)

Commissioning of the Donetsk refrigerator factory (later JSC / PJSC NORD) in 1963, its design capacity for launch made 71 thousand units a year. Let out production – single-camera refrigerators «Donbass».


The transformation Donetsk plant of refrigerators into the Donetsk Production Association "Elektrobytmash", which included the "Donetsk Refrigeration Plant" Mariupol and Melitopol factories of washing machines, Donetsk Plant «Stamps and form», Krasnoarmeisk Plant «Electricmotor»


In production, the first refrigerator with polyurethane foam insulation


The Special Design Bureau (SKB) was created, which later developed all NORD technology, called the Donetsk Institute of Refrigeration Technology (DIRT), the Ukrainian Research and Design Institute of Household Engineering (UKRNIIBYTMASH) in different years.


Transformation of the Donetsk production association Elektrobytmash into the joint stock company NORD (later, PJSC NORD)


Construction of a plant for the production of household cookers in Donetsk (Ukraine), the start of the serial production of NORD cookers.


Opening of a factory for the production of compressors for refrigeration equipment


Opening in Jordan of coproduction of home refrigerators


The beginning of production of air conditioners, in the beginning home, in a consequence industrial for locomotives, excavators, easels, etc.


The beginning of production of trade refrigerating technique under the INTER brand


Carrying out complete reconstruction and upgrade of production to Donetsk, the plant equipped with the equipment and technologies from the leading global manufacturers that preceded obtaining the international certificate of quality of ISO 9001 by the plant in the following areas: "Design, manufacture, implementation and service of refrigerators, deep freezes, compressors".


The plant of compressors is constructed and put into operation. JSC Nord together with the Italian firm BONO developed and launched essentially new compressor in production.

Certification of system, quality according to requirements of the international standard from the ISO 9000 series. A new generation of TM NORD refrigerators operating in the energy consumption class - A +, in accordance with the international standard EN-153, was created.


Beginning of production of boilers


The introduction of the "Nord production method" system (based on the world known Toyota method - "kaizen" The main priority of the system is QUALITY and lean production).

New step of development by which NORD - production of stoves for the Swiss concern Electrolux under the Zanussi brand on the production equipment of the plant rose. The Italian auditors tested culture and quality of production within a year, representatives of Electrolux from Italy repeatedly visited production for a warranty of opportunities of the plant and technological compliance of production and quality control. In the CIS NORD was the single vendor of plates of Zanussi.

According to the requirement of Electrolux concern, the automatic computer system of collection and monitoring of information which is connected to the pipeline of gas stoves is implemented. In it it is possible to see all information on a plate: gas and electrical parameters, pressure, gas leak, insulation resistance, breakthrough and other. Information is stored in the database within 15 years.


The launch of a new refrigeration equipment manufacturing facility in Matveyev Kurgan (Russia)


50-th anniversary of NORD

Release of the first refrigerator with the No Frost system in Ukraine and the launch of mass production.

Issue of a limited series of retro-refrigerators DONBASS


Search for a new high-tech production site, in connection with the conservation of the plant in Donetsk (Ukraine). Opening of a new headquarters in Kramatorsk (Ukraine). Signing of the contract with the leader global manufacturers of household appliances, in particular on production of the refrigerating equipment - Midea Group (PRC). Transfer of the accumulated experience in the design of products to production facilities LTD "Hefei Hualing Co."


Beginning of production of NORD refrigerators and INTER trade equipment in Hefei and Guangzhou (China) according to the constructive and technological documentation of PJSC "NORD". Release of a new model range of refrigerators with the Total No FROST system and highly efficient class of energy consumption A ++. Expansion of the range of freezing chests from 60 to 300 l.


Signing for 15 years of "the social and moral code" on quality with the MIDEA company. Expansion of a line of freezing chests INTER. Release of new models in amount of 350, 400 and 500 l., increase in a complete guarantee up to 2 years. Development of new models with the improved consumer properties…

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