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Delivery mode

Express delivery to the address or in point of delivery of carrier

Delivery is carried out to any city of Ukraine, except for the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and a zone of carrying out Operation of the integrated forces

To save your money, when choosing a delivery method, an automatic calculation of the minimum cost for all carriers is carried out, and the most favorable conditions for delivery to the carrier’s warehouse or to the specified address are offered.

Calculation of cost of address delivery is carried out taking into account delivery to an entrance/entrance to the building.

Delivery time - from 2 working days from the moment of payment for the goods depending on the region. As soon as your order is shipped from our warehouse, you will receive an SMS notification with the declaration number and will be able to trace its status independently on the courier service website.

When sending, your order is insured for full value and the insurance interest is included in the shipping price. You can be sure of the safety of the order during transportation, because in case of damage or loss of cargo the full liability is borne by the delivery service.

When receiving your order, make sure the courier has issued you a bill of lading. Without it you will not be able to get warranty service.

We also recommend that you check the order for the integrity of the packaging and in the presence of external damage to the packaging, ask the representatives of the delivery service to issue an act! This document will solve the inconveniences that arise in the shortest possible time.

Courier services


Branch network is  here 

Delivery time is 2-4 days

Payment on Receipt service - yes, only when delivered to the office by cash or bank card.

Skid/Floor Up Service - yes. Carrier rates at the link


Branch network is here

Delivery period - 7-10 days

Payment on Receipt service - yes

Skid/Floor Up Service - No.

Branch network is here

Delivery time is 2-4 days

Payment on Receipt service - Yes, only when delivered to the office by cash or bank card.

Skid/Floor Up Service - No.


Address delivery to NORD in Kyiv

Delivery is carried out free of charge by the delivery service NORD in Kyiv, Sofievska and Petropavlivska Borshchagivka, Vushneve, Makariv, Brovaru to the entrance to the building. Minimum order for free delivery from 20000 UAH.

Delivery schedule - Mon-Pt from 09:00 to 17:00, Saturday and Sunday weekends.

Delivery period - 4-5 days

Payment on Receipt service - No

Skid/Floor Up Service - No


Pickup from NORD

Point of issue of orders in Kyiv

Location - Kyiv, Saksaganskogo street, 107/47B.

Operating time: Mon-Fri from 09:00 till 17:00, Saturday and Sunday day off.

Delivery period - 3-4 days

Payment - via bank, cashless, bank card


Warehouse NORD in Makarіv

Location - Makariv, Vatutina str., 65.

Operating time: Mon-Fri from 08:00 till 16:00, Saturday and Sunday day off.

Delivery period - 3 minutes

Payment - through bank, non-cash, bank card


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