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08/08/2017 - Online shop
Stock "Free Shipping!"
Only from August 08 to August 31 we will FREE OF CHARGE get to you home any goods from the section "Cut-price Equipment". Sending orders is carried out by carrier of Mist-Express. The service "Cash on delivery" is paid separately for a tariff from the section "Payment". The service "Rise on the floo
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01/08/2017 - Corporate News
NORD F 155 - Feel the ease of freezing!
Pamper your family with useful and nutritious foods throughout the year using the capacious NORD F 155 freezer with 5 separations. Deep freeze volume – 170 liters – you can freeze natural products for a long time for big family. The new three-dimensional model NORD will fit into any modern interior
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27/07/2017 - Support
How to install a refrigerator correctly
Install the appliance in a dry, ventilated room, with an ambient temperature corresponding to the climatic class indicated in the device's specifications. Refrigerators are equipped with compressors of this power, which is enough to maintain the temperature difference outside and inside the refriger
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17/07/2017 - Support
When it is possible to turn on the refrigerator after transportation?
At acceptance of the NORD refrigerator from carrier check integrity of packing, lack of mechanical damages, a complete set, existence of documents for the refrigerating device.  Directly to turn on the refrigerator in a network and it is impossible to check its operation, it is necessary to le
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12/07/2017 - Corporate News
Refrigerator NORD B 219 NF: freshness of products under reliable control
The new two-chamber NORD B 219 NF refrigerator admires with the design in modernist style. Outside - direct forms of doors of snow-white or silvery color are underlined with the convenient integrated pen, inside – brightly and economically lights internal space LED illumination. In it volume re
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10/07/2017 - Support
How to transport a refrigerator
The refrigerating NORD device is recommended to be transported in vertical position. If to incline the refrigerator on a corner more than 40 degrees, then oil from the motor of the compressor can be poured to the delivery area of a contour. And when you turn on the refrigerator in network, oil will
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24/04/2017 - Corporate News
NORD announces the start of sales of a new line of refrigerators in Ukraine
NORD® announces the start of sales of a new line of refrigerators "Cold freshness" in Ukraine. Already on April 24, everyone can buy the latest models of refrigerators in 2017 on the site nord.ua, and during the week in partner stores. Cold freshness is a new stage in the history of the developme
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06/03/2017 - Corporate News
NORD has transferred production of refrigerators to China
For already more than 50 years of NORD® was issued on capacities of the Donetsk plant of refrigerators in Ukraine. For this period NORD® refrigerators proved as high-quality and economic, available and ergonomic, they still reliably serve in each family. Since preservation of the plant in 2014, with
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16/11/2016 - Online shop
Отримаєте розстрочку до 40 000 грн. на покупки в нашому магазині. Максимальний термін розстрочки до 24 місяців з невеликою щомісячною комісією 2,9% від вартості товару. Все, що Вам потрібне – карта Приватбанку. Сервіс доступний власникам карт «Універсальна», «Універсальна Gold», елітних карт
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26/09/2016 - Online shop
Stock "Our Prices Do Not Grow"
Only for buyers of online store NORD from 1.10.16 till 31.12.16 we fix delivery cost of refrigerators across Ukraine. Now delivery to a warehouse of carrier is not more expensive than 250 UAH, and on the house of no more than 300 UAH. We compensate in total difference between a rate of carrier
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