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Main characteristics
Total / net volume, L94/86
Energy classА+
Climate classN/ST, +16°С до +38°С
Сontrol panelthermostat, behind a door
Reversible door opening+
Warranty, м12
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (h / w / d), mm845/553/574
-in packing (h/w/d), mm865/574/595
Weight, kg31,3
Weight with packing, kg29
System of freezingstatic
Number of compartments/shelves, piece3
Super freeze function+
Ice form-
Freezing capacity, kg/24 h4
Storing temperature when disconnected to -9 C, h15
Functions and features
Electricity consumption, kWh /h0.48(176)
Adjustable feet2
Feet4 support
Noise level, dB39
Code EAN4823096200149
Code of the country of origin156/CHN
Code UKVED8418 40 20 00

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