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Corporate News Validity: 07/11/2017 - 30/11/2017

Autumn novelties - NORD B 188 (W/S) refrigerators and B 239 (W/S)!

NORD announces the start of sales of NORD B 188 (W / S) and B 239 (W / S) refrigerators. Externally refrigerators are executed in strict direct forms of the design NORD Cold freshness line. Handles on the doors are built-in and ergonomic. Execution in white or silvery color.

The two-chamber refrigerator NORD B 188 (W) has not only an attractive appearance, but also high energy characteristics. This is a large roomy refrigerator with a capacity of 280 liters. and a height of 188 cm, suitable for a family of 3-4 people. The refrigerating chamber has a reliable static cooling system, which does not require defrosting. It promotes the maximum maintaining humidity of products, their natural state and taste. For usability shelves from the tempered glass, adjustable door containers, the deep holder for bottles and BIG BOX a box for vegetables and fruit are set. Internal lighting – bright LED illumination. In the freezer 2 sliding baskets and 1 separation with a door for fast freezing are set. NORD B 188 (W) belongs to the highly effective class of energy consumption A++. Consumes 20% less electric power in comparison with A+. Will help to spare the family budget, to save the nature.

The second novelty the two-chamber NORD B 239 (W/S) refrigerator has the smaller sizes on height and volume - 180 cm and 267 l respectively. The cooling system - static. In the refrigerator 4 glass shelves are set, they safely protect from the spilled liquid, withstand a heavy load to 20 kg., door shelves with the deep holder for bottles, a capacious box for vegetables, High-LED - illumination. In the freezer 3 sliding baskets are set. It is convenient to use them for sorting of products. They have special air vents for arrival of cold air that promotes faster freezing of products. In case of extraction from the refrigerator easily slide on guides. The refrigerator is suitable for family from 2-3 persons.

NORD Cold freshness refrigerators belong to the class of energy consumption of A+ and A++, V are adapted for operation under operating conditions with unstable tension on a network from 198 V to 264, to severe climatic conditions at a temperature from +10 to +43 With, possess the low level of noise. By their production only environmentally friendly materials with absence of harmful substances, according to the European directives of REACH and RoHS are used.

NORD applies the highest quality standards that is confirmed with certificates of quality of the EU to ISO 9001:2008, certificates of conformity of TSU (safety requirement of directives of the EU), the international system of certification TÜV Thüringen and Rheinland, different diplomas, awards and prizes.

To learn more and also to get new models of NORD refrigerators it is possible on the official site of nord.ua and in shops of partners.

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