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Corporate News Validity: 14/08/2019 - 14/08/2019

NORD HR 185 NF W - fresh products without ice and defrosting

NORD represents a novelty of 2019 - NORD HR 185 NF W two-chamber refrigerator with the updated technology of Total No Frost from a model range of Practical line. The refrigerator received interesting external design, the side handles integrated into doors are practical and convenient in use, emphasize smart minimalism. Practical line - a new line of NORD equipment, which includes separate series of NORD HR refrigerators, NORD HF freezers and NORD HL chest-freezers. Developed in production, it meets the requirements of the quality management system of the international standard ISO 9001:2015, in collaboration with an Italian design team. The main features of the new models are convenience, practicality and capacity.

The NORD HR 185 NF W refrigerator is made in white, has the following characteristics and equipment: overall dimensions height/width/depth - 185/60/68.5 cm, total volume - 358 liters, cooling system - Total No Frost, a change in direction is provided door opening, suitable for a family of 3-4 people.

Refrigerator compartment: net volume of 225 liters, inside - three glass shelves with the ability to adjust the distance between them. For cooling bottles and storing small products, 3 additional blue shelves are provided on the door. A shelf with a holder easily holds and holds two-liter bottles. At the bottom there is a spacious 32-liter Gigant BOX for vegetables and fruits, and at the top there is a touch control panel and stylish LED-lighting, it illuminates the entire interior economically and brightly with cold white. Electronic control allows you to more accurately maintain the desired temperature in the chambers, increases efficiency by optimizing the operation of the refrigerator.

Freezer compartment: the net volume of 95 liters, temperature condition - 18 °C and below that storage of products from 6 to 12 months allows, defrosting is not required. It has 3 WIDE drawers with an increased volume for storing and sorting products; when removed, they easily slide along the guides. In addition 2 glass shelves are installed in the chamber. They create an alternative to storage without drawers and also allow to put more dimensional products if necessary.

There is a Super Freezing mode. It allows you to quickly and deeply freeze foods for long-term storage. It is activated by pressing a button on the control panel. When using this mode, the temperature in the freezer compartment drops to -24 degrees. When the mode is turned on in advance, new products are frozen according to all the rules of shock freezing, i.e. retain their shape, color, taste and most nutrients. After 52 hours, it will automatically turn off.

The NORD HR 185 NF W refrigerator uses Total No Frost technology, which prevents the formation of frost inside the refrigerator and freezer compartments, creates optimal conditions for the long-term preservation of freshness of products, their natural and complete state. The special difference is an application of new model of air circulation of Multi Airflow with Air circle System. It ensures uniform circulation of cold air in each compartment, maintaining the ideal temperature, high cooling rate and freezing of products. Refrigerators with Total No Frost system do not require defrosting.

NORD refrigeration devices have low energy consumption according to EN 153 and belong to the energy efficiency class A + or A ++, adapted to work in conditions with unstable line voltage from 198V to 264V, have a flat back wall, low noise level during the work.

NORD preserves the ozone layer of the Earth, uses environmentally friendly materials without harmful substances in accordance EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS and REACH) and technical regulations approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. NORD refrigeration devices are absolutely safe for you and your products.

NORD applies the highest quality standards that is confirmed with certificates of quality of the EU to ISO 9001:2015, certificates of conformity of TSU (safety requirement of directives of the EU), the international system of certification TÜV Thüringen and Rheinland, different diplomas, awards and prizes. All NORD products are covered by a full 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The price of the NORD HR 185 NF W refrigerator is 9699 UAH.

You can learn more and purchase it on the official website nord.ua, as well as in the stores of partners

NORD is glad to share the long-term experience and wants to help you with use of the acquired technique. For obtaining detailed information on production, service conditions and service, places of acquisition, the operating advertizing campaigns and credit programs use the NORD Consumer Support Center. Contact by free hot line 0 800 505 204, e-mail to call@nord.ua, or in the support section on the official site of NORD.ua

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