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Support Validity: 10/07/2017 - 10/07/2017

How to transport a refrigerator

The refrigerating NORD device is recommended to be transported in vertical position. If to incline the refrigerator on a corner more than 40 degrees, then oil from the motor of the compressor can be poured to the delivery area of a contour. And when you turn on the refrigerator in network, oil will be keen for itself coolant in system of circulation that will lead to a capillary contamination. To restore the refrigerator, rather complex repair providing washing of a circular contour of coolant will be required. In this regard it isn't recommended to incline the refrigerator more, than by 40 degrees.

But sometimes height of the device doesn't allow to transport him vertically, and carriers are forced to stack the refrigerator sideways. In that case, if the device was transported in horizontal position, before his inclusion it is necessary to allow to the refrigerator to be defended in vertical position from 8 to 16 hours (during this time oil has to return into place).

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