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Support Validity: 27/07/2017 - 27/07/2017

How to install a refrigerator correctly

Install the appliance in a dry, ventilated room, with an ambient temperature corresponding to the climatic class indicated in the device's specifications. Refrigerators are equipped with compressors of this power, which is enough to maintain the temperature difference outside and inside the refrigerating chambers in a strictly limited range. When operating the refrigerator in a cold, not heated room, or at too high ambient temperature, the refrigeration device will quickly fail and in such cases may be refused warranty repair.

The appliance should be installed away from heat sources, in a place inaccessible to direct sunlight. If your kitchen has underfloor heating, the refrigerator should not be installed on active heating elements, which should be taken into account when installing the refrigerator or when arranging the floors.

The refrigerator should not stand in a damp room with a humidity above 70 percent. If the walls, floor and ceiling are covered with moisture, then this is a sure sign of increased humidity.

Between the protruding parts of the refrigerator and the wall of the room or furniture should be at least 2 cm, free space for air circulation.

The refrigeration unit is installed in a vertical position with a slight backward inclination, the released doors of the correctly installed refrigerator must be closed under the influence of their own weight, this improves the tightness of the doors to the cabinet.

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