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Support Validity: 29/08/2017 - 29/08/2017

Connection of the refrigerating device to the power supply network

Before turning on the refrigerator, check that the socket, plug and power cord are not damaged.

The refrigerator is connected strictly to a separate outlet. The type of plug must match the type of outlet. The use of various types of adapters and extension cords is not allowed. The customer loses the right to warranty service of the refrigerator, if the latter was incorrectly connected to the mains. These requirements are primarily due to the need to ensure fire safety and to prevent the danger of electric shock. If the power cord is short and does not reach the power outlet, you must replace the power cord with a longer one, and do not use an extension cord. This work must be performed by a qualified technician

The appliance must be connected to the mains with a plug of the power cord, the handle of the temperature sensor must be in the "off" position. Then, the operation of the refrigerator is turned on by turning the temperature sensor knob clockwise.

Re-start of the refrigerator after disconnection from the network is allowed no earlier than 3-4 minutes. The reason is that when the compressor is running, the refrigerant is in the condenser of the unit under high pressure. Shutting down the compressor will result in a change in the pressure level in various parts of the refrigeration system, since it can not level out instantaneously. A certain time at the compressor outlet can maintain a relatively high pressure, which, among other things, affects the piston as well. The electric motor is not designed to start under these conditions, and its starting torque is often not enough to push the piston at this pressure. Therefore, supplying power to the motor immediately after stopping it can lead to blockage of the compressor piston, which can lead to failure.

If there are signs of deterioration in the insulation of electrical equipment (tingle when touching metal parts), immediately disconnect the appliance from the mains and call the service technician to identify and rectify the malfunction.

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