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Corporate News Validity: 21/12/2017 - 22/02/2018

NORD B 180 NF refrigerator: high-quality freezing without ice!

NORD announces the start of sales of a two-compartment refrigerator NORD B 180 NF. The novelty is made in the popular proportion of the proportions of the upper refrigerating and lower freezing compartments - 4/3. The optimum balance for those who plan to use daily the refrigerator and also appreciates high-quality and convenient freezing of products.

In comparison with the previous model NORD B 219 NF, the refrigerator NORD B 180 NF received a 30% larger volume of the refrigerating chamber, four glass shelves with the possibility of adjusting the height between them, three shelves on the doors with a recess for large bottles and a BIG BOX for vegetables. Interior lighting is a bright High-LED backlight. There are three plastic drawers in the freezer. They have special ventilation holes for cold air, which helps to quicker freeze products. When removed from the refrigerator, they slide easily along the guides.

Overall dimensions: height/width/depth - 180/54,5/62,5 cm respectively. Execution in white or silver color.

The applied technology of Total NO FROST prevents the formation of frost inside the refrigerating and freezing chambers, provides high speed of cooling and freezing of products, and the Multi-air flow cooling system uniform circulation of cold air throughout the compartments.

For precise maintenance of the set temperature, electronic control responds, which optimizes the operation of the refrigerator and increases the economy. The internal LED-display shows the current temperature, allows you to set different temperature modes. For example, enable the "Quick cooling" function of products during a party, when you need to quickly cool down snacks or drinks.

In order to preserve the natural and integral state of the products, the NORD B 180 NF model uses intelligent humidity control technology. The installed humidity sensor provides accurate control. Due to this the relative humidity is 95% higher than that of a conventional refrigerator.

The price for a white refrigerator NORD B 180 NF (W) is 8499 UAH, for silver NORD B 180 NF (S) - 8799 UAH.

NORD Cold freshness refrigerators belong to the class of energy consumption of A+ and A++, V are adapted for operation under operating conditions with unstable tension on a network from 198 V to 264, to severe climatic conditions at a temperature from +10 to +43 With, possess the low level of noise. By their production only environmentally friendly materials with absence of harmful substances, according to the European directives of REACH and RoHS are used.

NORD applies the highest quality standards that is confirmed with certificates of quality of the EU to ISO 9001:2008, certificates of conformity of TSU (safety requirement of directives of the EU), the international system of certification TÜV Thüringen and Rheinland, different diplomas, awards and prizes.

To learn more and also to get new models of NORD refrigerators it is possible on the official site of nord.ua and in shops of partners.

NORD is glad to share the long-term experience and wants to help you with use of the acquired technique. For information on products, operating and maintenance conditions, purchase locations, use the NORD Consumer Support Center. Contact by free hot line 0 800 505 204, e-mail to call@nord.ua, or in the support section on the official site of NORD.ua.

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