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Support Validity: 13/06/2018 - 13/06/2018

How often do I need to defrost the refrigerator?

It is necessary to be guided by amount of hoarfrost which is formed on the evaporator. As soon as he becomes quite a lot to block the most part of a surface, it is necessary to start a defrosting. It is recommended to carry out a defrosting as soon as thickness of snow cover reaches 5-8 millimeters. It is very important not to damage the evaporator in process! Don't use sharp objects for removal of a snow cover! Time of thawing can be reduced, having put in the freezer a vessel with hot water (60-70 °C). Not to damage the evaporator, the vessel should be installed on a plastic lattice and to use a plastic shovel.

After a defrosting wash up the refrigerator, carefully dry up and air.

Speed of formation of ice and snow deposits in the freezer depends on that, how correctly you operate the refrigerator. If the freezing office often opens, then at rather high humidity in kitchen the freezer will quickly become covered by a snow fur coat. If the freezer opens less often, then and hoarfrost will be less inside.

The formation of a "snow coat" can be accelerated if the door seal is damaged or if it is not properly seated.

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