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Benefits of fruits and vegetables

The benefits of fruits and vegetables they know everything. Their biological value to the body is undeniable. Vegetables and fruits do not have a large energy value, but suppliers are critical nutrients , which depends on the human health. Vitamins , minerals, digestible carbohydrates , dietary fiber , organic acids , pectin - this is not a complete list of nutrients , which are rich in these gifts of nature. They also are rich in antioxidants - beta carotene and vitamin C which is proven and scientific research, protect cells from aging and disease . In daily diet must be present in sufficient quantities vegetables and fruits. These are the main suppliers of fiber, which plays an important role in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract , normalization of lipid metabolism, excretion of cholesterol. Eating fruits and vegetables increases the immune properties of the body and provide protection against disease. It is best to use fresh fruits and vegetables , but frozen - good substitute fresh. They are processed quickly after harvest (e.g. peas for 2.5 hours ) , that minimizes the loss of vitamins . If stored properly , the vitamin content in them is comparable to the content of vitamins in fresh vegetables or even exceeds it .

Specialists in the field of nutrition and dietetics, personal trainer 

Lika Starinetz

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