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Secrets of proper freezing fruits and vegetables

Finally, with the arrival of summer , you can treat yourself to a long-awaited fruits and vegetables. Of course, most of seasonal fruits and vegetables can be found on the shelves of stores throughout the year , but the greater good and more full-bodied taste of them can be obtained only in its season . But that does not stop in the winter and enjoy their great taste and extract the maximum nutrients. All you need to do - is, in fact , own fruits and vegetables , containers or bags for food storage and freezer . Freezers NORD have Superzamorozka mode that will make the freezing procedure and the highest quality products will not lose its beneficial properties and gastronomic . It is important to choose only ripe for freezing , fresh vegetables and fruits without damage. So, everything is very simple :
Step 1 . Rinse fruits and vegetables and dry them
Step 2 . Clean the inedible parts ( bones, skin, seeds, etc. ) . If the fruit is large - cut into small pieces .
Step 3 . Pour into preformed containers or bags and seal .
Step 4 . Enable Superzamorozka and place vegetables and fruits inside 24 hours. Later, you can already go to the normal food storage in the freezer and keep them for 10-12 months.
Now, thanks to the freezer NORD you can always have in your diet delicious and wholesome foods.
Specialists in the field of nutrition and dietetics , personal trainer
Lika Starinetz

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